Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Josh Holloway set for 'Community' finale

Last season on 'Community' one of the best episodes was the paintball episode.  It was a brilliant farce on action movies, and I think, when they really found their voice.  We now get word that the gang from Greendale Community College will be at war with another paintball fight for their two part finale in May.  During the episode a mysterious stranger appears at the school.  That will be played by Josh Holloway (LOST).  

This is a great bit of casting news.  Josh always showed a dry humor on LOST and this will get him to play that up.  That's assuming he'll play a tough guy guy role.  It would be even more brilliant if he plays against type and becomes a nerd.  But either way I can't wait for another paintball episode.  

What say you?

POPped with paintballs
Jungle Jesse

Source: EW

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