Friday, March 4, 2011

G.I. Joe sequel may only bring a few characters back

It's incredibly hard for a succesful movie franchise to exist without popular characters.  So what happens when a movie no one liked decides to get rid of some characters?  We may find out in G.I. Joe 2.  Rachel Nichols ('Scarlett' in the first G.I. Joe) tweeted the following:

This has not been confirmed by the studio, but there doesn't seem to be any reason not to believe Rachel's tweet.  You know...because she's pretty.  

While the first movie was not the hit the studio wanted, nor that good, it's just weird for them to eliminate certain characters important in the Joe universe.  Her tweet makes no mention of Scarlett (obviously), Flynn, Destro or Cobra Commander for that matter.  That's why I'm wondering if all of this is set in stone.  Maybe they'll be trying to ground G.I. Joe in some sort of reality to keep it grounded in realism, and they'll have them fight someone other than Cobra.  Then again, that would be like Inspector Gadget night battling C.L.A.W.  

I really am hoping for a good sequel, and think that those characters should be involved.  (You know....because she's pretty.)  But I'm not heartbroken to see the exclusion of Marlon Wayans' character.  

We'll keep you updated with any information the studio puts out on this.  Because knowing blah blah blah.

What say you?

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