Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fans rally to get Kevin Smith to host SNL

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By this time last year, thousand's of people had joined a Facebook page in support of Betty White hosting SNL. Hearing their cries, and hoping to have a funny episode, Betty White was brought on as a guest host.  Then a page was started to get SNL to have Sesame Street's Cookie Monster on as a guest host.  While he didn't host, SNL did bring him on to help with the monologue this season.  

Another page has been going for a while now and was brought to our attention by one of our Twitter followers.  It's in support of director Kevin Smith being a guest host.  And being Kevin Smith fans, we wanted to get the word out on this to help give it some traction.  The Facebook page is 'We Want Kevin Smith to host SNL', and we think it's a brilliant idea.  While Kevin would probably say that he's not famous enough to host, we beg to differ.  His audience is large and faithful, and would love to see him take this on.  Anyone who has ever seen him do his podcasts live, or his Q&A's, knows that he has great comic timing.  Plus, he's got Red State to promote coming out in October.  It's a win/win if you ask us.  (Although no one really asked us.)

Want to join in the cause?  Take the jump to the 'We Want Kevin Smith to host SNL' Facebook page now.

What say you?

Kevin Smith is in the midst of the 'Red State, U.S.A. Tour'.  For more information and to get tickets head to  'Red State' will go into regular release this October.

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