Tuesday, March 8, 2011

UPDATED: Could Julie Taymor be leaving 'Spider-Man: TOTD'?

NY1.com is reporting that Julie Taymor has officially left Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.  As we predicted, the show will not open next week and is now looking at June.  This makes the show ineligible for this years Tony Awards, but eligible for running gags and jokes during the ceremony.

The producers have not announced who will be taking over, but we can probably expect that with the official announcement.  There is no truth to the story that I have been asked to take over.  That is all rumor.....started by me.....right now.

Take the jump to NY1.com for their full report.
The New York Times is reporting that the producers of the Broadway musical Spider-Man - Turn Off the Dark want some serious changes made.  Those changes may also be with who is steering this ship.
According to the story:
Ms. Taymor either needed to accept help in making those changes or face a different outcome, potentially her exit from the show. The names of multiple directors, choreographers and playwrights have been ricocheting around the Broadway community for days now.
Taymor has been trying, for months now, to make tweaks to the production hoping that it would make audiences, and critics, appreciate the show.  But other than safety changes, I haven't heard too much about actual story changes that have improved the show. 

Plenty has already been said about SM-TOTD, and this is something that has been a long time coming.  Theater critics and even theater goers seem to have gotten tired of news about the show.  The only thing that could help the web slinger is to just shut the show down while they fix it, however at this point that is not possible.  With all of the money that has been spent on Spidey, they need to sell tickets nightly to bring in some cash.  They also need to be selling themselves, but that option has not been brought to the table....yet.  

If Taymor were to leave the production, would that be enough to save the show? Or is the damage so severe that there is no hope for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?  

Several decisions need to be made as they approach what is supposed to be opening night on March 15.  I've kept hope that this show could turn in to something good, but now I'm just waiting to see Anderson Cooper show up to talk about the oust of another person in power.  Especially when the inevitable announcement of opening night being pushed comes out.  

What say you?  

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