Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CONFIRMED: Viggo Mortensen will NOT be in 'Superman' reboot

The interwebs (us included) were abuzz a few weeks ago with news that Viggo Mortensen was being considered for Zack Snyder's reboot of Superman as Zod.  Latino Review had the opportunity to ask Mr. Snyder about this and he let them know, "..Viggo is not going to be in the movie let's just say that right now.  I can clear that up."  

There you have it.  No Viggo, and no confirmation as to whether or not General Zod will be in the movie.  As a matter of fact there is no word at all about what villain Superman will be battling in the movie, or whether Lois Lane will be in it.  Maybe the next person to talk to Zack should ask if Superman is going to be in the movie.  Snyder did confirm that the movie is in there's that.

What say you?

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Source: Latino Review

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