Friday, March 25, 2011

Chad Vader spoofs the awful 'Friday' song

By now you've probably heard the awful 'Friday' song that is largely considered the worst song ever made.  (And this is in a world where Ke$ha exists.)  It was produced by a company called Ark Music Factory.  This is where rich parents pay to have them write and produce a song for their kid. They also pay for them to shoot a video.  It's basically a "music" producers version of My Super Sweet 16.  Needless to say the song is being played everywhere, mostly for the humor.  Unless you're Ryan Seacrest who decided to help her get a music manager today.  (Really Ryan?!?  Haven't you done enough damage by giving the Kardashian's TV shows?  Jerk.)  

But I digress...

Since the song came out, there have been a flood of spoofs.  Most are pretty bad, but not 'Friday' bad.  But there was a standout early this week.

Now....there is another.

The popular character "Chad Vader" has thrown his helmet in the ring.

If you've never watched any of the 'Chad Vader' episodes, do yourself a favor and watch some now. And if you've never seen or heard the 'Friday' song by Rebecca Black, screw you...we're not giving her video any more hits.

What say you?

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