Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Behold nerds, Wonder Woman's new outfit

Just a few weeks ago, NBC/Warner Bros. revealed a press photo of Adrianne Palicki as 'Wonder Woman'. (here)  Man, oh man did that set off a nerdstorm of epic proportions.  Everything from "trampy" to "un-American" was said.  While the latter was courtesy of FOX News (surprise), the biggest comments were from the comic book community.  

Rejoice nerds, costume changes have been made.  Last night Wonder Woman was shooting in Hollywood and there were plenty of people around to get photos, including this great one from Daily Blam:

Photo: Daily Blam

The pants material and the boot color has been changed.  Are you happy now? 

Most were incredibly opposed to the changes made.  By incredibly opposed, I mean slap-your-mama-opposed.  From having her in pants, to the color and design scheme; Wonder Woman fans were ticked.  The boots and pants were blue, making it look like a shiny unitard.  

Personally, I had no problem with the latex pants.  Why?  Because ladies who look good in them are pleasing to look at.  Duh.  Yes, I would have preferred the true Wonder Woman outfit, but when the comic book character switched to pants I knew this was what to expect so I was prepared.  The costume designer may have been trying to create the one color look that the comic book character has with the pants.  However, it just didn't work.

But even with the new costume, some of us are also wondering if they've also worked on changing the pilot script.  Because red boots or not, if it's that same script that's being shot...Wonder Woman will be defeated.

What say you?

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Source: Daily Blam