Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Apple shows off the iPad 2

Courtesy of Apple

Today Apple showed off what everyone already knew about, the iPad 2.  With an appearance from Lord Jobs himself, the Apple faithful were ready to buy.  It didn't matter what it was, they just knew that their leader would tell us all how we couldn't live without it, so that means we need it now.  But before you take out your credit card, what exactly does the iPad 2 have going for it?  To quote every other sentence out of Steve Jobs this morning, "It's's magical."

Courtesy of Apple
They have made the iPad 2 33% thinner.  It is thinner than the iPhone 4 and lighter than the first gen iPad at only 1.33 lbs.  They have also installed, what many believe should have been on the original, a forward and rear facing camera.  They have also created a new type of cover for the iPad called Smart Cover.  It can be used as a stand, and the iPad sensor will put the iPad to sleep when it's covered, wake the moment the cover is being taken off.  Or is it?  How do we really know?  It's kinda like the refrigerator light.

The iPad 2 has the same storage as the original version.  16 GBS, 32 GBS and 64 GBS and is available for Wi-Fi or with both Verizon and AT&T services (3G only).

The speed is much faster with a new A5 dual core chip.  It also has 9x the graphics speed.  So load times for your apps, and game response is much quicker.  Apple has also put in a gyroscope for a much better response to movement.

With the tech improvements, Apple is saying that there has been no change to the battery life.  You can still expect 10 hours of life from it.

There is still no Flash.

What Else 
While most everything will stay the same with the iPad user interface (U.I.), they did show a couple of new tricks.  One being the new adapter that will allow HDMI out.  Plug the adapter in, then plug your HDMI cable to it and you can finally watch your content on your TV.  You can also use Air Play to stream it to your TV, but many of you have Apple TV?

You can also use what they are calling 'Mirroring'.  This lets you show exactly what you see on a larger screen.  The idea being that you can use it for presentations.  Just be careful with what you have on there because, as I said, everyone else will see it too.      

Apple is also bringing iMovie and GarageBand to the iPad.  These are perfect fits for the portability of the iPad.  Hopefully iMovie on the iPad will be easier to use than it is on the iPhone.  GarageBand will let you record on up to 8 different tracks.  

Courtesy of Apple
Should You Buy the iPad 2
If you have been holding out on getting an iPad, good idea.  While the original is a lot of fun, there was always the idea that the next one would be coming out soon with better hardware.  If you are looking to get one, this is the version to have.  You can't beat the update that the iPad has received, and it makes it even more attractive by having it at the same price point.  

What say you?  Are you going to get one now?  Do you have one and don't care to change?  Do you even want a tablet?

The iPad 2 goes on sale March 11 at 5:00 PM.  

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