Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another 'Wolfman' reboot

Because it's been only a year since it's release, Universal Studios is looking to reboot the Wolfman franchise...again.  Last years version with Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins was not the blockbuster they were hoping for, though I did enjoy the throwback to old horror movies.  It was nice to see a movie who's monster was physically brought to life and not through CGI.  Those make-up effects won Rick Baker another Academy Award.  

According to, Universal is planning on making the next incarnation a direct-to-disc franchise.  Universal is currently looking for writers for what it calls a "period piece reboot of George Waggner's classic 1941 film.."

We were thinking that Sony rebooting the Spider-Man franchise was too soon, but a reboot only a year from the original release?  Maybe we'll get a re-boot of a movie that hasn't been released yet.  

What say you?

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