Monday, February 14, 2011

UPDATED: You have to see this: CBS reporter gets tongue tied at Grammy's


Her doctor confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that it was just a "complex migraine."


Many, and I mean MANY, of you have been leaving comments, emails and tweets that Serene had a stroke.  That is not the case at all.  As a matter of fact, Serene herself tweeted this last night:

She also tweeted that it was nerves.  I can understand that.  I've frozen many a time or bungled my words.  (You know you have too.)  We just didn't have it happen on camera for everyone to see.

Even CBS put out the following message on their website:

Update on Serene:
Serene Branson was examined by paramedics on scene immediately after her broadcast. Her vital signs were normal. She was not hospitalized. As a precautionary measure, a colleague gave her a ride home and she says that she is feeling fine this morning.

Yes, I know that you read a tweet from another guy who read somewhere that she had a stroke on camera while being rushed to the hospital and it was all caught on tape.  And since you read it from a guy who is cousins with someone who works security for the Staples Center but was off that night but talked to a friend who was working that night, it must be true.

I was preparing on doing a brief write up on tonights Grammy Awards.  The usual joking and teasing about Bieber and Gaga.  But then something came across our Twitter stream.  It's CBS reporter Serene Branson in Los Angeles, getting a little tongue tied.

Wow, this just happened on CBS 2 News. Worst mess up by an on-air reporter ever! Hilarious!

To quote Usher tonight, OMG!  This is one of those moments that you only see in sitcoms or the movies.  Hilarious to us, but a nightmare for her.  As much as I've watched it over and over, I really can't help but feel bad for her.  If any of you watched the rest of the newscast, please let us know if there was any follow up.

What say you?

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  1. Almost seems like a possible stroke, or stroke of bad luck. Hope it is the latter.

  2. Seriously! That's one of the things I wondered. Like I said, I really do feel bad for her and hope everything is okay. I guess we would have heard by now if it was something bad.

  3. I saw this and could not believe what I had heard. I continued to watch the news broadcast, but no follow up was made and no one commented on it either. They continued on as if it hadn't happened. You can't help but feel bad for the girl.

  4. lol i saw this and i laughed so hard lol but also felt bad for her. she was just really nervous and got toungue tied, it happens. but omg it was hilarious to watch!

  5. She was admitted to the hospital for possible stroke.

  6. No she wasn't. She tweeted that she is not in the hospital and that it was just nerves.

  7. Sounds like she had a stroke to me..

  8. Again, she is fine. She herself tweeted that it was nerves and she was not hospitalized. Even CBS put out word that they had paramedics check out her vitals and she was fine.

  9. See! This is how rumors get started ;-)

  10. We updated our post to address the rumors.