Sunday, February 6, 2011

'Wayne's World' invades SNL.. so did Justin Bieber

Mike Myers joins Dana Carvey for surprise 'Wayne's World' sketch on 'SNL'.
This weekend saw Dana Carvey return to SNL as host.  In a fun surprise Mike Myers joined him for the cold opening to dust off 'Wayne's World'.  While some of the jokes were not that strong, over all the sketch went very well.  If just out of nostalgia, it was great to them have fun with these characters again.  (How long until a rumor pops up of a third Wayne's World movie because of this?)  Check it out after the jump:

During the monologue Dana was also joined by Jon Lovitz to the sing a funny (?) song about their cast being better than all other casts.  It was amusing at times, but many jokes in the song fell flat when you realized that most of the people in the audience didn't get the references.  (Although hearing Lovitz yell out "ACTING!" again was pretty great.)

Throughout the night Dana Carvey brought out several of his old characters, which was fun to see.  But you could see how out of step he was.  During his Regis Philbin impression, the usual frenetic energy that is what brings the impression to life just wasn't there.  The same was true for his Church Lady sketch.  While it was amusing to see the character fawn of Justin Bieber, that died pretty quick.  

For me, the highlight of the show was Abby Elliott's impression of 'Anna Faris'. In a very dull sketch it was one of the few times that made me laugh out loud. That, and Nasim Pedrad's 'Kim Kardashian' always amuses me.  

What say you?

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