Monday, February 28, 2011

New cast of 'Dancing With The Stars' revealed

I say "your" because it's definitely not mine.  While I still don't get the popularity, or how they can call them "stars", we know that many of our readers are fans. Take the jump if you're ready to find out who will be dancing for a really ugly trophy.

Ralph Maccio - The Karate Kid
Psycho Mike - Kevin and Bean Show, Loveline
Kirstie Alley - Cheers, food
Petra Nemcova - uber hot model
Wendy Williams - horrible talk show host
Sugar Ray Leonard - ex pro and olympic boxer
Chelsea Kane - Jonas L.A.
Romeo - rapper (?)
Kendra Wilkinson - Playmate
Chris Jericho - former WWE wrestler
Hines Ward - Pittsburgh Steeler

I have to that I look at this list...I might actually watch for a couple of the people.  First, The Karate-F'N-Kid will be on it!  (Please let them do a number to 'You're the Best'.)  There's also Psycho Mike from The Kevin and Bean morning show on KROQ.  Then of course we'll get to see Kendra and Petra dancing in little outfits.  BUT we'll also have Wendy and Kirstie as well.  I'm so conflicted.

Either way, that's your new 'Dancing With The Stars' cast.

What say you?

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