Thursday, February 3, 2011

New 'Captain America - The First Avenger' pics hit the interwebs

There have been a lot of 'Captain America' pics that have been hitting the internet over the past couple of weeks.    Some good, some grainy, some cheesy, some that made us laugh...for all the wrong reasons.  But this hero pic from Empire magazine's cover story is all sorts of awesome.

This coming Sunday will be when the world will see footage from 'Captain America - The First Avenger' during the Super Bowl.  (But word I'm hearing is that it may hit the internet late tonight or sometime tomorrow.)  That will be our first taste for the feel of the movie, and whether or not the movie is DOA.  It takes one bad spot to ruin a movie before it's release date even gets here. (HULK anyone?)  And this is a movie that could change a whole spectrum of movies that are on Marvel's slate if it gets a bad response.  The major one being 'The Avengers', since Cap is one of the major characters that needs to carry that movie.

What say you?

POPped with super soldier syrum
Jungle Jesse

Source: MovieFone  

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