Thursday, February 17, 2011

CORRECTION: Kevin Smith confirms that 'Red State' USA Tour is already in profit


Earler we posted that the movie 'Red State' was in profit.  That is not the case.  Kevin Smith corrected us (here) in that it's the Red State USA Tour that is now in profit, not the film.  He did go on to tell us ( here) that they have done some nice international sales in Berlin and they are chipping away at the 'Red State' budget.  My typing went quicker than my ears and we posted the wrong information.  The post below has been corrected.

We apologize for the incorrect information.

I blame my mojito's from last night.

Original Post:

Today Kevin Smith paid a visit to YouTube headquarters to host a live Q&A online.  (Though YouTube botched the audio.)  During the session Kevin Smith confirmed that 'Red State' USA Tour is already in the profit area.  Meaning that with the road tour he is taking the movie on has already fulfilled their commitments to the theaters hosting the movie.

This is great news for him, and the idea of it happening more and more.  This news should make theater chains pay attention to the movie for it's release in October.  

What say you?

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  1. I say you need to research your info a bit better.

    The movie isn't in profit yet. Only the tour.

  2. Big mistake on our part. We have corrected the information and apologized to Mr. Smith as well.