Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is Banksy in Hollywood for the Oscars?

For the past few weeks a debate has popped up in regards to the Best Documentary category at the Oscars.  One of the current front runners is the fantastic Exit Through the Gift Shop.  It centers on street artists and was directed by the controversial Banksy, who very closely guards his true identity.  Not just for the movie, but in real life.  As a matter of fact, last year at Sundance our own Jeffrogee was asked by someone if he was Banksy.  

So people have wondered if the movie were to win, would Banksy reveal himself on the Oscar stage?  TheWrap.com said that the films producers were to said to be trying to come up with a scenario that would work if the movie does win.  This is because if he were to accept the award, Bansky would be in disguise.  This is not something that the Academy will allow, so it was very quickly dismissed by ceremony organizers.

Then today, a random (?) tweet from Lauren Conrad got peoples attention - "Is Banksy in LA" was sent out with this picture:

This has gotten people all over L.A. scrambling on almost type of scavenger hunt.  One other picture has already popped up as well.  

Now everyone is wondering, is Banksy really in L.A., and is it for the Oscars? Some say that Banky is starting a press tour for the Oscars, and others are dismissing it and saying that he's not, it's only copy cats.  But in all honesty, how would they know?  Are they Banksy?  Are you?      

What say you?

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Source: TheWrap.com

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