Saturday, February 12, 2011

Howard Stern gives live 'Private Parts' commentary via Twitter

Today was, I think, a first for Twitter.  Howard Stern gave a running commentary of his movie 'Private Parts' for all of his followers.  

'Private Parts' is based on his incredibly successful autobiography of the same name.  It follows his life from childhood, to becoming the most popular radio host in New York.  If you have not seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. Stern fan or  not, you will love this comedy.

But what happened today?  

It all seemed to start very simply.  'Private Parts' was playing on HBO and Howard tweeted out a comment about the scene that was on.  That turned in to another comment, and another.  The next thing we knew, Howard was giving a running commentary via Twitter.  The best to my knowledge, no one high profile has done this before.  It wasn't planned, it wasn't promoted.  It was just someone who is proud of their work that wanted to share stories.  If you were not on Twitter today following along, and you are a fan of the movie, I highly suggest going to Howard's Twitter page to read the commentary.   

Like many things that he does, it was spontaneous, fun and his fans ate it up. The response was so popular that Private Parts trended world wide on Twitter. But wasn't just for Howard Stern fans alone.  While I am a fan of his, I am also a movie lover.  (Duh.)  As a movie lover this was fantastic to witness.  Insight on a movie is best when it comes from someone who is not only proud of their work, but is also great with words.  While the comments were not at the length they would be on a DVD, it was great to read little things about the production. 

On his first scene with Paul Giamatti - 

The popularity of this happening may finally push Paramount in to putting out a better DVD of the movie.  The only version that was ever created was just the movie with no extras.  And a commentary was something that Howard, and his fans, have wanted for a long time.  For some reason the studio just never did. 

If you want to let Paramount know that you want a better DVD/Blu-Ray release, contact them via Twitter: @ParamountPics

Since Howard joined Twitter just a couple of weeks ago, he has really embraced it.  Like all new media that he takes to, some may be wondering what he'll do next.  Personally, I'm wondering who will copy him.

What say you?

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