Sunday, February 6, 2011

'How to Train Your Dragon' beats 'Toy Story 3' at Annie Awards

Tonight at the Annie Awards, 'How to Train Your Dragon' beat out 'Toy Story 3' by winning Best Animated Feature.  Not only did it win that, but it swept 10 categories.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney and Pixar decided they will no longer participate in the Annies. They feel that DreamWorks has been favored in past years and are questioning the judging.  Disney/Pixar didn't even submit an entry this year because they were pouting...uhh, I mean boycotting.  

Disney has said that because anyone can join the ASIFA-Hollywood, this favored the voting for DreamWorks.  So they're taking their ball and going home.  My contention is, just submit your movie.  If members of a voting body decide they like one movie better than the other, oh well.  The president of the ASIFA-Hollywood said that only animation professionals can vote as of this year.    

What say you?  Does this put How to Train Your Dragon as a front runner at the Oscars.  And if HTTYD does win at the Oscars will the Mouse House boycott that too?

POPped in pixels
Jungle Jesse

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Annie Awards

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