Monday, February 28, 2011

'How To Sell A Banksy' trailer

Last night the documentary 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' was nominated for an Academy Award.  While it didn't win, in the days leading up to the ceremony the name Banksy was being talked about everywhere.  Today a new movie trailer has hit the interwebs about Banksy's art.  

The movie is called 'How To Sell A Banksy'.  Here is the official description:

Banksy’s work now reportedly changes hands for millions.
But he puts up his street art for free. Have you ever wondered
what would happen if you got your hands on one of these?
Does it mean you’ve found a winning lottery ticket or just
scraped some worthless crap off a wall?

Going up against the Art Establishment, Critics, Auction Houses,
Gallery Owners and Authentication Boards in a quest for the
elusive meal ticket, two filmmakers unwittingly gatecrash the
murky and protective world of Banksy.

“HOW TO SELL A BANKSY” raises questions of ownership,
authentication and the true value of art itself. Through all the
chaos and incompetence comes a modern-day, true-story,
crime-theft, comedy-caper.

Take a look at the trailer:

It does make you wonder if there is value on an original piece of art work from the maker.  I'm sure a napkin with doodles from Picasso would sell for an incredible amount of money.

Take a jump over to the movies official site (How To Sell A Banksy) for release date information.

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