Sunday, February 6, 2011

Has 'GLEE' Lost It's Voice?

When GLEE first showed up on my radar before it ever aired on FOX, I couldn't wait.  Then I got to see the pilot and was hooked.  It was different, it was new, it was destined to be a hit.  I spent months telling people (even our readers) about the show and showing the pilot to whoever was near.  And the first half of the season was fantastic.  Then something continued.

When the first season came back from hiatus things were starting to change. Filming those episodes after the show became a hit had changed the dynamic. Producers had people dying to get their songs on the show, and they were excited to have them.  Hit characters were given scenes to chew on because they felt that's what the audience wanted, but since that moment, GLEE lost it's voice.

While makers of the show still say that GLEE is about giving a voice to outsiders, that storyline has gotten old.  Yes, I'm glad they've talked about bullies.  I'm glad they have gay characters.  And I'm excited that they show people singing and dancing on weekly basis.  But that last part is leading to their downfall as well.

They seem to be crafting weekly plot lines to be able to fit the newest hit song so that they can sell it on iTunes right away rather than the song being an organic part of the story.  "What themed episode can we do?  Britney Spears? Okay.  Lady GaGa?  Right away!"  With that, the writers have to figure out a story to fit those songs.  And lately it's been feeling forced.  It's been feeling that way with the characters as well.

We get it, Sue is bad, but there is some good deep down.  So she'll make a snide comment to Will and the students, then talk about being better than them. Will wants the students to win at Regionals and Nationals, and has a habit of doing fully produced numbers with sets and costumes for only the students in class...because they're the only ones that ever use the auditorium.  Rachel likes to pout, Puck likes to glare, Brittany will say something odd because she's mentally challenged, then Mercedes will shake her head while complaining . These are the same things that happen in every single episode right before we get to the hit song.  How about starting to round out more characters the way you have with Coach Beiste.

I am a GLEEK, but I don't know how much longer I can hold on.  Right now they're in the polar bear cage on the other island.  (Remember how that helped LOST, right?)  But they need to bring the show back to it's story telling strengths.  Just go back and watch the first episodes, and the finale of the their first trip to Regionals.  That is the heart of your show.

Popularity is dictating the show at the moment, and could cause it to just become an outlet to sell albums.

The entire cast is still a great ensemble.  They are all great performers.  I just want the talent behind the scenes to steer the show back to what made it not just entertaining, but a great show.  It was about the students realizing that their dreams were indeed possible.    

(Sidenote: Producers, if The Warblers are supposed to be an incredible acappella group...don't add autotune to the lead singer.)       

What say you?  Do you like where GLEE is now or are there things that you would like to see changed?

POPped alone in the auditorium
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  1. The entire Glee cast has had a visit from the auto tune fairy. Disappointing.

  2. It is. Especially since they're talented performers. It's a shame the producers, and network, are more worried about iTunes sales than the quality of the show.

  3. LOL. When did they auto tune Blaine? I must have missed it.

  4. They do it almost every song that's on the show. It just stands out with their group. If you watch the Super Bowl ep, listen to his number (that was there for no reason) on that one.