Thursday, February 24, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Kari Ann Peniche and Tony Dimitri return to the POPcast to talk marriage, babies and fashion

Photo: Tony and Kari in a shot from 'AKA Peniche'
Today we had the pleasure once again of speaking with Kari Ann Peniche and her brother Tony Dimitri.  The last time we spoke to them (here) we learned about some new ventures they were taking.  Today we found out how those have progressed....and more.

First, Kari Ann Peniche is now Kari Ann Peniche-Williams.  That's right.  Kari has gotten married.  That's not the only news.  Kari is going to be a mom.  She and her husband are expecting their first child and will find out this week if it's a boy or girl.  Tony tried to get her to reveal the names she's picked, but we had no luck.  (If she has fraternal twins we're voting for Luke and Leia.  Just sayin'.)  We also found out that in her new home, she's put a basketball hoop up in the living room.  Why?  You don't ask why when your wife puts up a basketball hoop in the living room.  You politely say, "Thank you."

Tony has also been hard at work with his fashion line and being a part of Human Not Hollywood (based out of Portland, OR).  He will be venturing out to China to debut a fashion line there next month.  (Yes, I thought it was odd too.)  But to decrease their carbon footprint, his team is looking to sell their products where they are manufactured.  He also let us know that later this year he will have a fashion show with his line going head to head with PRADA in Oregon.

And because we knew that you just had to know, we found out that they are rooting for Natalie Portman at the Oscars this coming Sunday.  

It's always fun to get them both of them on the line to talk about what's going on.  We spoke more about Kari's art and fashion line, and Tony's new business partners.  Take the jump to our podcast host page to stream it right now, or download it on iTunes.  It will be available to stream on our POPcast page this Friday.  

Visit Tony and Kari online:
Kari Ann's YouTube page

Thank you again to Kari and Tony for joining us on The POPcast!

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