Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dead Celebrity Tweets

You've asked for it, and who are we to argue.  Dead Celebrity Tweets is back! For those that are just joining us and wondering what we're talking about, let me explain.  While many hang on the every tweet of Justin Bieber and the Kardashian's, we say screw them.  We want to know what dead celebrities are tweeting.

So get ready to giggle and be offended, here is the latest edition of Dead Celebrity Tweets.


@Heath_Bar Ugh. Hope these cold meds C. Love recommeded work.

@PopeMan OMG!! Tom Cruise was right. *le sigh*

@TheresMaude Ke$ha?!?! I wouldn't f*** her with my d***.

@Psycho_Man Had a dream of a movie w/sparkly vampires who aren't vampires, but realized that's just stupid.

@Chuck U can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, d....oh..wait

@HipHopper's like....okay, you know when....Twitter

  @LaLanne_Change  So many things I still want to juice. (That's what she said.)

@DynastyMan Hello Angels.

@Afro_Sheen Nope.  Still alive.

@Snow_White Me too.

Let us know who's tweet you would like to see from beyond.

POPped in memorium
Jungle Jesse


  1. The John Forsythe one is my favorite. Congrats on losing those followers.

  2. It's all about the recurring Bea Arthur joke for me. Kudos!