Monday, February 14, 2011

Could there be a 'Sideways' sequel?

In 2004, the movie 'Sideways' made several people believe that they were suddenly wine experts.  Get the wine list at a restaurant with a hipster and they will inevitably tell you that they are, "...NOT drinking merlot."  Then you punch their little hat off their head while grabbing their scraggly beard.  

After you get past the violence that this movie brings up in yourself, you remember what made audiences love the film.  It Paul Giamatti's portrayal of Miles, and looking at the gorgeous Santa Ynez valley.  But what many people may not realize is that there are more stories to be told.  That's right.  Rex Pickett, author of Sideways, has a new book out called Vertical that takes the characters to Northern California and then to Oregon.

Luckily our good pal D.R. Stewart was interviewing Rex recently for Booze News, (Yes, Booze News - and he decided to ask Mr. Pickett about the possibility of this also becoming a movie.  According tho the article:
“Fox Searchlight owns the “film” rights to Miles and Jack. I own the “literary” rights. That means that Fox Searchlight can, and probably will, sit on those film rights until Alexander Payne either decides to make a sequel or to relinquish that to another entity — director, writer, studio, etc. it's a shot in the dark, but not necessarily out of the question.  According to Discover Yamhill Valley (yes, Discover Yamhill Valley), Rex told them that the studio would definitely be interested in Vertical heading to the big screen.         
As far as making a movie goes, however, Pickett said, "It's all up to Alexander Payne. If he decides to do it, Fox Searchlight has indicated it'll be in."
So what we have then is a book that's out, and the possibility of a movie.  I guess?  Hopefully all those involved decide that they want to see this happen.  I'll just sit here and drink until then.  

Vertical is currently available in bookstores.

What say you?  Would you like to see a sequel to Sideways?

POPped with a glass of merlot
Jungle Jesse

Source: Booze News, Discover Yamhill Valley

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