Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'Clash of the Titans' director picked by Universal to direct 'G'

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Clash of the Titans director, Louis Leterrier, has been picked by Universal Studios to direct 'G'.  There is no word on exactly what the plot for the movie is, but it's being described as "a sci-fi disaster pic with shades of The Day After Tomorrow and Taken."  Okaaay?  The production team is hiring screenwriters.  I guess we'll know the plot once it's been writen.  Yeah Hollywood!

Here's my guess: 'G' is about a gangsta rapper that's been sent back in time to prevent the end of the world from a deadly hail storm.  In order to do this, he needs to rescue a scientists unborn child.  She is supposed to invent a device that will prevent hail from ever happening in any storm.   This 'G' has his hands full though, he's been given a wacky smart-ass robot sidekick (called Doppler) voiced by Judy Dench. 

What say you?

POPped with no plot
Jungle Jesse

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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