Monday, February 21, 2011

UPDATED: Charlie Sheen wants to make a new 'Major League' movie

Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen in 'Major League'
TMZ is reporting that the 'Major League' movie has been in the works for over a year.  Most everyone is on board, except for one person.  Corbin Bernson's character Roger Dorn is not in the script.  Charlie said:
"I would love it for him to be in ... but I ain't the writer or director ... I'm a hired gun ... I'll do my best."
While Corbin's character is currently not in the script, I'm also wondering if Willie Mays Hayes is?  If he is, are they going to wait for Wesley Snipes to get out of prison or will it be the Omar Eps WMH of 'Major League 2'?

We'll keep you posted.

During their live news show today, TMZ received a phone call from Charlie Sheen.  During the call, we found out a couple of things.  First, Charlie doesn't talk via speaker phone (that was hilarious).  And the other being that Charlie would like to do another 'Major League' movie.  

He thinks that enough time has passed and people have forgotten second and third movies.  According to Charlie everyone is on board (don't know who everyone is) and he would like people to flood Morgan Creek Productions with emails and letters in support.  

I think it would be great to see a new 'Major League' movie that compares with the first.  'Major League' wasn't just a fun comedy, it was a good baseball movie. 

If you are one of those that would like to see a new movie, you can let Morgan Creek know.  While there is no public email address (and their web site is waaaaay out of date), you can send letters to: Morgan Creek Productions, 10351 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 200, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Or you can call them at: 310-432-4848

What say you?  Would you see another Major League movie?  Have you even seen the first one?  

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Source: TMZ     

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