Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Calm down, 'Guitar Hero' is not dead

Earlier today the interwebs went nuts with people proclaiming that Guitar Hero was dead.  By all accounts it seemed like this was true.  Activision announced that their Guitar Hero business division was being dissolved and there was to be no new title in 2011.  But calm down wannabe rock gods, announcing GR's death may have been premature.

Activision's Dan Amrich took to his blog a little while ago to explain:

So, honestly…is that “death” or a much-needed break? For a while there I couldn’t drown out the cries of gamers on forums, blogs, and Twitter saying GH should take some time off, and from all appearances, that’s what this is. Step back, let it breathe for a while, don’t make any major plans, and see what happens in the future. I’m very okay with that.
Chapter closed? Sure, okay. Book burned? I doubt it.
I tend to agree with Activision's view of this.  It seems like just a couple of years ago there seemed to be a new Guitar Hero coming out every other month.  From Legends of Rock to World Tour, a South Park was everywhere. With almost every conceivable song becoming available to download with the game, there was no where to go with it.  Consumers got tired of the same trick and sales went down.  

Perhaps by taking some time away from the franchise, someone will be able to step in and come up with a new version to excite gamers.  Or maybe an artist will come along that actually plays instruments and makes good music that would make people want to play, because Guitar Hero: Justin Bieber would just be lame.

What say you?  Was it time for Guitar Hero to take a break?

POPped with my plastic guitar
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