Tuesday, January 25, 2011

POPped Time Warp: When the Oscar's snubbed Spielberg for JAWS

JAWS makes a Family Guy appearance
HUGE thanks to our friend Peter (@PGSLE) for pointing people, including us, to this today.  Many have already ranted and raved about Christopher Nolan not getting nominated for 'Inception'.  He's not the only director to never be left out.  

Here is a time warp to the 70's.  'JAWS' was the biggest hit ever made.  It was the movie that created what is now called a, "Hollywood blockbuster."  The first film to gross over $100 million dollars during it's first run release, and before movies opened on 3,000 screens. So everyone expected a nomination for the newest, hot movie Director. Yeah...not so much.

Christopher Nolan's time is coming, just like Scorcese finally got his time for 'The Departed'.    

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  1. And then, Speilberg won Best Director for "Saving Private Ryan" and lost Best Picture to "Shakespeare in Love".