Thursday, January 20, 2011

POPped Review: The new 'American Idol' not good

For years some people would say, "Why can't Simon just be nice to everybody?"  Tonight we found out why.  Because it makes a very boring show.  Not only that, but delusional people end up thinking that they truly are talented.  This is the new 'American Idol', and this is why without Simon Cowell, the show will tank.  

This is not to say that the typical stuff wasn't there.  Three judges, some bad singers, a few montages and a few small bios. (Note: Uhh, FOX/A.I. Producers...when you send a camera crew to film a contestants personal life away from the audition...we know that they're going to Hollywood.  Idiots.)  The one plus I can think of so far, there has been less Ryan Seacrest.  Maybe now he'll actually just host, and try not to be funny.  But who are we kidding, he loves the sound of his voice.  

It was very apparent in this first episode that the new-ish panel isn't sure what to do.  With the original team, Simon was the leader.  He knew how to wrangle in an audition and just move things along.  Now, new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, are looking to Randy for direction and I don't think he realizes yet how to lead the team.  

Outside of the show not really having a leader, right now they're all too scared to speak their minds.  There were several times during the show that one person would ask another if it was a yes or no, and they would then ask the same question back to them.  Here's an example:

Randy: What do you think Steven?  Yes or no?
Steven: I don't know Randy, what do you think?

One of the biggest downfalls of not having a leader is that there is no one to prevent them from choosing bad singers to move on.  One girl, who was beyond awful, got in because she begged.  How many people over the past seasons begged and begged to move on to Hollywood?  But you would have Simon there to say, "That's a no.  Sorry.  Goodbye."  But now, Randy is so scared to say no when the others say yes that people are moving on.  Thus creating more delusional people who think that they are good.  Well, good for them I guess.  They picked the right time to audition because it was like a going out of business audition.  Everyone must go!

It will be interesting (I guess) to see if these judges gel together.  Right now, they're not at all.  But Steven Tyler seems like he's gotten the crazy seat vacated by Paula, but actually kind of funny.  Steven is funny "ha ha," while Paula was funny, "awww..that's sad."  But gelling together is just a part of what's needed.  They need to start being honest with the people auditioning.  As much as some people said Simon was too mean, he was brutally honest.  That is what is needed at that judges table.  Honesty.  

I will do my best to try and watch it a couple more times to see how they work together, but don't expect me to hang for the entire season.  Because...well, you know.....the music sucks.

What say you?  Is 'American Idol' (finally) on it's last legs?

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