Tuesday, January 25, 2011

McG in the running to direct 'Wonder Woman' pilot?

The story of 'Wonder Woman' is filled with ups, downs and crucial last minute choices.  And that's just from the networks.  In December we brought you the news that David E. Kelly's television version of 'Wonder Woman' would not be hitting the air anytime soon.  At the time Kelley said:
I haven't necessarily committed to doing it yet. I'm at the point where I'm trying to figure out if I can make the franchise work for me.
Then just about every network passed on doing the show.  That led many to say that the series was dead and not happening.  All that changed last week when NBC stepped in at the last second to pick up the series.  But reading the current description of the series is not comforting hopeful fans.  According to TV Line, "Kelley’s take on Wonder Woman presents Diana Prince as an L.A.-based “corporate executive and modern woman” also juggling her side job as a vigilante crimefighter."  This has led some irate fanboys to call it 'Ally McWonder'.  But this story isn't about whether or not the series will be Heroes - Season One good, or The Bionic Woman re-make bad.  This is about who Michael Ausiello has found out is in the lead to direct the pilot.  McG is apparently one of the top dudes to bring the Amazonian to life this time around.

McG directed the big screen version of 'Charlie's Angels' that has now led to a television re-boot as well.  (Sidenote: What do we need to do to get Alison Haislip and Carrie Keagan cast in the Charlie's Angels series?  If you watch G4's Attack of the Show, you know why they would be perfect.)  

But I digress.. Who do you think should be the front runner to play Diana Prince on the 'Wonder Woman' series?    

What say you?  Do you have high hopes for the TV show, or are you more on the "M'eh," side?

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Source: TVLINE.com

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