Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sundance Film Festival 2011! Update!

Hello film geeks!  JeffroGee here.
The first part of Sundance is officially over as Sunday has rolled in with strong premieres for films like Hobo with a Shotgun, My Idiot Brother, The Devil’s Double, Homework, The Catechism Cataclysm, The Guard and Submarine.  With most of the buzz heading in the direction of Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary “THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD.”  Fest veteran Harvey Weinstein was said to have been in a buying frenzy over the Paul Rudd pic “MY IDIOT BROTHER” for a rumoured six million dollars.  Other than this reported sale, the buying market has been slightly timid with most fingers being pointed at a slowly rebuilding economy. 
Sunday night shared the most amount of focus as Kevin Smith’s horror film 'RED STATE' prepared to unveil at it’s premiere over at the Eccles theatre.  The film would arouse curiosity on it’s own but with the promise of the Westborough Baptist planned protest, the film has become the focus of the festival.  The hate mob was hoping to garner attention in support of their ridiculous mindset that needs no mention here.   The media and 99.9 percent of us know they are evil and don’t even deserve the press they garner.  Kevin Smith showed up to the picket line with a counter picket line where he rallied fans and friends against the audacious Westborough homophobes to laugh it up and throw some opposition their way. 

Photo via Twitter: @alibang2

We were all hoping for an intense snowball fight between the two but security and Park City Police were able to control the malaise enough to bring the major focus back to the film itself.  'Red State' at this time has no distributor, but I believe a deal will be struck by the morning when the film arrives for it’s second showing of the fest at 8 30 AM over at the Library venue. 
Walking the streets at Sundance, parties were happily abound at the Moving Pictures studio, Miami Lounge, Tweet-House, and the much lauded Sundance Channel HQ where complimentary lunch, photo booth, cookies and milk, and an open bar allowed networking at a larger than life level. 
One could find Morgan Spurlock wearing a suit labeled with every sponsor you could imagine in support of his doc that mocks the advertising world.  I stood next to Rutger Hauer for five minutes before realizing it was him as his growly voice proclaimed love for the fun that Sundance brings. 
I attended the midnight premiere of 'Hobo with a Shotgun' starring Rutger Hauer.  A much hyped grindhouse film which delivered it’s promise of gore and campy fun.  This writer found the film trying way too hard to be outlandish and hilarious.  The world which Hobo creates is so crime ridden and full of evil that it made no sense as to why police officers or a hospital would even exist there.  And when the villains of this story use a flame thrower to kill a bunch of kids in a school bus and then show a kid burning alive while banging on the bus windows in futility, I checked out along with many other audience members.  I kept wondering if a thirteen year old boy wrote the movie I was watching.  I love grindhouse…I love violent action movies…I love camp….but this one had no heart and suffered for it.  Even Rutger Hauer stated at the Q and A he thought the script was a tough read and featured too many F words declaring ,”…cursing is an art and you have to know how to write it.”  I thought of Quentin Tarantino who does this well….and these guys who did not. 
On the flip side, I did enjoy the farcical gangster flick about Uday Hussein and his body double titled 'THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE'.  A well done crime film directed by Lee Tamahori that featured tense moments of sex, torture, and gun play.  I was reminded of Scarface by much of what I was watching as actor Dominic Cooper delivered a memorable two sided performance.
The front half of Sundance will end tomorrow as a large chunk of people hit up the first weekend and head back home.  A true fest lover like myself is excited for the middle of the fest where the majority who are in town are the film lovers this concept was made for. 
More to report later and a fun interview segment is incoming.  Look for my review of 'Red State' sometime tomorrow and if you are here feel free to contact me here through POParitaville. 
JeffroGee out.

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