Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Disney announces updated Star Tours opening

Walt Disney World President Meg Crofton just announced that the updated Star Tours will be opening May 20, 2011 in Orlando.  This happened during an event for the launch of the new Disney Dream cruise.  While not many details have come out on the updated Star Tours, we do know that it will be in 3D (of course), Rex is no longer the pilot (sorry Paul Rubens) and there will be more than one destination (finally!).  

Sidenote: I once rode Star Tours when they played footage from Dick Tracy in the cabin with the sound effects from Star Tours still playing. They used to have weird Cast Member only parties.  I think Skiptink was with me at the time, too.  At least we had free churros.  

No date has been given yet on the re-opening in Anaheim, but you can expect an announcement soon.

What say you?  

POPped lightspeed to Endor
Jungle Jesse

Source: Official Disney Parks Blog


  1. I rode "Dick Tracy Tours" at the same Cast Blast; October 25, 1999. Gardner.

  2. Wasn't it just bizarre? I remember them promoting it to us as "Ride Star Tours like you've never seen it before!" And then during it I was just in awe, then I was lauging, then awe turned into awwww...this blows.