Saturday, January 15, 2011

CES 2011: Tidysongs

Hello Techies!

Sorry for the late posting. If you've been following our tweets, you know that JungleJesse and I picked up a mild Plague at CES. As a matter of fact, almost everyone I know who went to CES came down with some sort of illness. I blame the 3D glasses; yet another reason to go glasses-free.

Anyhow, one benefit to my illness is I've had some time to play around with a product Demo we were given on day 3. The good people over at TidySongs gave us a brief overview last Saturday. TidySongs is a powerful program that will help you manage your music library. It works with your iTunes, and has the ability to remove duplicate songs, fix misspelled details, fill in missing details (artist, album, genre, year, etc.) and, best of all, replace missing artwork! Yes, now you can get the finally have the artwork to the CDs you uploaded to your library.

Try it for yourself. The website has a free demo download. The demo is full functioning for up to 50 songs! And bonus: the product took seconds to download. I have over 5000 in my personal library, so I used a product purchase code to unlock my full version and got to work.

First, I went to remove duplicate songs. It scanned my entire library, and marked the duplicates in the notes section; I discovered I did not have as many true duplicates as I thought (although I do have multiple versions of several songs). So I was able to delete about 50 extraneous songs from my library. Very cool.

Next, I went to find my missing artwork. I chose to do this one song at a time, as opposed to automatically fixing my entire library. After about 15 perfect matches, I decided it was fine to have TidySongs fix my library automatically. The default setting will replace all details that are 80% accurate; anything less than that and the program will display the accuracy for you, with a limited amount of time for you to accept. Otherwise, it will automatically reject after 5 seconds. It takes the program about 10 seconds per song to identify and fix. Overall, it completed my library in under 2 hours.

The program is extremely fast and is correct more often than not. However, it is not perfect. I did have about 1000 songs that were "fixed" incorrectly; mostly they are songs from artists not recognized by the program, so the closest match was assigned. For some songs, they were attributed to the correct artist, but the wrong album. There is a way for the program to undo those fixes; it requires you to have an up-to-date archive so I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to backup your library before doing anything. (I stupidly did not do this and will have manually fix the songs that are incorrect). If you have an updated archive, you should be fine.

Overall, I was very impressed with the performance of TidySongs. The interface is user friendly and the program works quickly and relatively accurately; most mistakes can easily be rectified. And their customer support is quick to help if you have any problems (thanks, Kelly).

Currently TidySongs is only available for purchase on their website for the extremely reasonable price of $39. They are hoping to have product code cards (similar to iTunes giftcards) as well as retail box flash drive versions in-stores soon.

~POPped from my iTunes library by RabbiMarauder

Photo Credit: Rabbi Marauder/POParitaville

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  1. Thanks or the writeup Ed! I created a discount code for the first 10 readers who purchase TidySongs. Use the discount code "POPARITAVILLE" to receive 50% off your purchase. And email me at with any questions.