Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CES 2011: Fanny Wang Headphones

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the story about the lawsuit that was brought against Fanny Wang Headphones by Monster Cable. (Read it here.)  While that article told of what Monster Cable is alleging against them, at CES we decided that we needed to try out Fanny Wangs headphones.  

At first glance, the Fanny Wang's seem similar in style to many popular headphones.  (Monster Cable, there are a lot of headphone companies in the world that you should be suing if you feel that strongly.)  But as you get up close you see that they have their unique stamp.  The headphones have a textured look that sets them apart from competitors.  This takes them from being a music accessory to being a fashion accessory (as was shown by the Fanny Wang Girlz posing for pictures).  Even just sitting in the display you could see how different they were and you couldn't help but want to put them on.

Putting them on, the first thing I noticed was how comfortable they fit over my big head.  (And it's a huge noggin, too.)  They also rested very comfortably on my ears.  While listening to a variety of music samples from the iPods that were hooked up to them, I noticed that I didn't have to adjust the volume.  For the purpose of review, we are comparing the sound to those of Beats by Dre. When I first tried on the Beats by Dre Headphones, I had to turn them way down because of the base that was smacking my ears.  And the more I turned them down, I noticed that the quality diminished.  But with the Fanny Wang's, the bass was good but not heavy.  I could also clearly hear the rest of the music, and heaven forbid, some lyrics.  

While learning a bit more about the headphones, the Co-Founder and Designer of Fanny Wang Headphones, David Adam, came over to talk with us a little bit more about them.

I have to say that having the built in line splitter is a very nice touch.  It's something that truly sets it apart from other headphones.  How many times have you been listening to something and had someone ask to check out what you're listening to.  Or have you been on a flight watching a movie on the mobile device of your choice (that's as right up the middle as you get) and wanted the person you're traveling with enjoy it too.  That splitter takes the audio experience, and makes it a social one.

Fanny Wang Headphones will begin making a dent on the market this year and have already made fans out of The POP Patrol.

To order your headphones, go to  

Thank you to the Fanny Wang team for taking the time to speak with us.

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