Thursday, December 9, 2010

South Park creators bring 'The Book of Mormon' to Broadway

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have long used South Park as an outlet for their love of musicals.  Then last year I heard that they were working on a musical that had Broadway in its sight.  That was good enough for me, but I heard what the show was called.  From that moment I wanted as much information as possible:

Since that announcement, there hasn't been a lot of information that has come out about the show.  That changed as Trey and Matt sat down to talk about the show.

Tickets for The Book of Mormon are now on sale.  It opens on Broadway February 24, 2011.  Unless Mormons end up stuck in wires over the audience, then it could be pushed back.

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  1. Dude! what happened to Matt? Heroin's a helluva drug.

    Also, its is it's when it's it is.