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POPcast 012: What were the biggest pop culture moments of 2010

Welcome to the First Annual POPpies!  Here, The POP Patrol discusses what the big pop culture moments were of the year, and we award the winners with....well, nothing physically.  BUT they will go down as the first POPpie Award winners.  Exciting, isn't it?!  But we had a difficult time trying to narrow down winners and moments, knowing that not everyone will agree with our choices.  Heck, we didn't even agree with many of our choices!  You'll hear us debate it in POPcast 012 (at the end of this post).  

Enough blab, let's get on with The First Annual POPpies!

Best New Television Series: The Walking Dead
It was a debate between The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire.  But TWD beat the gangsters on the boardwalk by eating them.  Also by creating a series so different from anything else on television and making it must see television every week.  Congratulations to AMC and everyone that works on The Walking Dead.

Best Movie of 2010: Inception
Again, we had to debate about this.  There were a few movies that we talked about, but in the end Inception won.  With a movie that everyone talked about (good and bad), the debate on the movie continues on today.  It's because of this talk that we awarded the POPpie to Inception.  Or was it a dream?  (See what I did there?)

Best Theme Park Attraction: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Hands down, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando.  While it's more than an attraction, no other theme park in the world came near to creating what was unveiled at Universal this year.  And not only the creation, but being able to bring Guests in to a world that until this year, was untouchable.

Best Viral Video: Antoine Dodson
Again, no contest here.  Antoine Dodson was the winner in this category.  And in my opinion, Auto Tune The News created the best song of the year with his remix.

Smart Customer Service Response: Virgin America
Kind of an odd category, but this goes to Virgin America.  Because of two employees at one of their gates, they almost created the same headache that has happened to Southwest Airlines when they had no idea that social media could tear them apart and create a boycott. (More on that next.)  But when they wouldn't let Kevin Smith on a flight to L.A., they should have known better.  After learning about what happened, they quickly apologized and refunded his money before he landed in L.A. (on another airline)  So for their quick, and smart, response Virgin America gets this completely made up award.

Horrible Customer Service Award: Southwest Airlines
This goes to Southwest Airlines for the Kevin Smith debacle that happened.  There where many things in this story where they could have made it right, but when it came down to it (in my opinion) they just didn't want to.  But then to not understand the power, and importance, of social media and to not take him seriously...well, I think that many companies probably now have a new handbook.  It's because of this that I no longer use Southwest Airlines.  And it's because of this that we award the POPpie to Southwest Airlines...and now we take it back.  

Best Tech: iPad
The release of the iPad.  Come on, what other item does everyone want, and others hope to take out of competition?  A good runner up was Microsoft's Kinect.  It didn't win because we don't feel that the technology has reached it's full potential yet.  And until we see what game developers can really do with this, we'll have to wait to award it a POPpie.

That is just the surface of so many things that happened in 2010...but what was the biggest pop culture moment of 2010?  For us, it wasn't much of a debate....

Biggest POP Moment: Conan O'Brien
He's not just a person, he's a moment.  That's right.  After taking on NBC and not backing down on his stance that moving The Tonight Show to 12:00 no longer makes it The Tonight Show, he knew it would be the end.  But the outpouring of support for Conan in person, and especially online, turned this in to a fight that became personal for many fans.  Rallies were held around the country, and the target audience NBC needs (18-35) said, "F*** you," and left.  And they followed Conan on Twitter, hanging on every tweet for a clue as to what's next.  

The next thing was a sold out tour across the country.  A sold out tour that never paid a cent for advertising.  It just took that one tweet to do it.  While the tour ended, people were waiting again for what was next.  And that was a new late night show on cable.  He headed to TBS and decided to really change the game.  His opening show killed Leno and Letterman in the ratings.  Many network old timers still don't get it, but cable is where their audience has gone.  And they have joined Conan there, still wondering what on earth could be next.

There you have it!  The First Annual POPpie Awards!  Congratulations to all of the winners, and sorry for all the people who are now ticked off at our choices.  Trust me, there were many more moments that were huge in 2010.  To hear more about that, and the drunken debate to choose the winners, join us for the last POPcast of the year.


Thank you all for an amazing 2010.  Here's to 2011 and the adventures we have in store.

POPped with thanks
Jungle Jesse  

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