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UPDATED: Monster Cable suing startup Fanny Wang

Beats looking to take out Fanny Wang

The Monday before CES, a Judge denied the restraining order that Monster Cable was asking for.  This made sure that Fanny Wang headphones were able to show off their product.  You can read the full press release by taking the jump below.

Judge Denies Monster Cable® and Beats™ Electronics Motion to Block Fanny Wang Headphone Co.™ From Showing Products at CES

At CES we did visit the Monster Cable booth and asked about the lawsuit.  This person had his name badge on backwards so his name was not visible.  He did tell us that he did not know very much about the lawsuit, yet went on to tell us in full detail how Fanny Wang was impeding on their copyright and, "ripping them off."  We were then asked if he could give their Social Media rep our business card (which I happily gave) so that they could get in touch with us.  

That's when he let us know that Monster Cable really wants to start reaching out more to web sites and blogs.  He admitted that in the past they've handled things wrong and really want to have sites like ours start reviewing their products and have a good dialogue going.

As of the writing of this, no one has reached out to us.

We will be posting a review of the Beats by Dre headphones vs. the Fanny Wang headphones. 

You may not have heard of Fanny Wang yet, but Monster Cable (maker of Beats headphones) sure have.  They have decided that competition from a new company looking to make a better, and more affordable, product need to be taken down.  But instead of working on improving their products, Monster Cable has filed a lawsuit against Fanny Wang in an attempt to keep them from showing their product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month.      

Monster Cable claims that Fanny Wang has "infringed on Beats and Monster's intellectual property."  In the letter that was sent to Fanny Wang, Monster Cable says:
..Fanny Wang's numerous comments about Beats on its website, as well as the fact that Fanny Wang specifically claims - indeed, touts - that it hired an engineer who was associated with Beats' headphones in the past, is direct evidence that the entire advertising campaign is designed to infringe Beats' rights, rather than develop rights or goodwill on its own.  
*Read the full letter from Monster Cable

What I don't understand is that Monster Cable believes that because Beats are mentioned on FW's website, that means that they are trying to make it look like they are wanting consumers to believe they are associated with them.  And apparently you do this by saying that your product is better than theirs. 
Consumers will be blown away at the superior sound quality which rivals Beats by providing a forceful bass without loss of clarity.
So Monster Cable believes that Fanny Wang is copying them by claiming to have a better product?  Genius!

This is not the first time that Monster Cable has filed a weird lawsuit, all in the name of copyright infringement. In 2001 Monster Cable sued the Walt Disney Company to stop using the word "Monster" in 'Monsters Inc.'  They have also sued "Monster Garage", "" and "Monster Energy" drinks.  This is has got to be one of the most paranoid, or clinically insane, board of directors to do all of this.  

Well, Fanny Wang's founders are not going to back down from Monster Cable.  In a letter sent back to the legal team for Monster Cable, they said:

In short, this isn't our first rodeo. We have no intentions of infringing your intellectual property and we have no intentions of being bullied into going away--in fact, quite the opposite.  If you choose to proceed, we can promise you that we will not back down and will ensure that this matter comes to a head with a high-profile jury trial so that the country and your customer base understands Monster’s and Beats’ overzealous tactics.  Moreover we will seek recovery of all attorney fees and costs and potentially damages and other relief based on the counter claims we are currently considering.

*Read the full letter from Fanny Wang

Let's just remember that Dr. Dre (not a real doctor) has Beats, and we don't want to see an electronics East Coast/West Coast thing happen.  Not just because of the violence, but because sound engineers don't look good in low riders and Dickies.  

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  1. What is the story about the Shure SRH 240 headphones? To me they look even more like the Monster Beats than the Fanny Wang ones. But the design seems like a natural development of the earlier Shure headphones. Who came first here?