Friday, December 10, 2010

Episode II - The Force is With You Katie

To celebrate 'May The Force Be With Katie' day, we recored a special edition podcast with one of our favorite Star Wars fangirls.  Miss Natalie is a regular at several conventions, and a dear friend of POParitaville.  Some of you may even remember her from our Comic-Con scavenger hunt.  We decided to talk in depth with Natalie about her experience being a fan/geek girl.  Stream the episode on our POPcast Podcast page, or download at iTunes.  (If you listen closely, you may even hear Carrie Fisher break out in song on an old SNL.)

We've also had some fans send us messages to tell a little bit about their experiences.

Via Twitter @Leahqt told us:

I really never got teased. :/ Just the occasional "haha, nerd" thing.. but I never really advertised it either. I think people secretly  think that its all cool. Everyone has their own passion about something and StarWars toys is mine. As far as bullying, I think that  its the people that are just mean people. They have low self esteem and are jealous for whatever reason. I don't like mean people! >:(  

Via Facebook, Nicole told us:

A lot of guys were surprised that I played it (World of Warcraft)... I was mostly embarrassed to tell them that I played because I knew it made me seem dorky :P   I have 2 lvl 80's and have been playing for about 5 years.

Via Facebook, Ryan told us:

I made a promise that for the hell of it, I would dress up to one Star Wars before the new trilogy was done. Little advice...We saw this (Episode III) 3 days after it opened...People don't dress up 3 days after an opening.. 

And all day today people have been showing off their Star Wars duds via the Facebook page for Katie, and via Twitter using the hashtags #MaytheForcebeWithKatie #TheForceIsWithYouKatie and #TheForceIsWithKatie.  Head over to Twitter and Facebook to see what everyone has been saying all day and what they've been doing to celebrate.  It's not to late to join in, because really every day is a good day to show off your love of Star Wars.  Even I have been rocking my Return of The Jedi shirt all day.  

We hope that today has helped bring fans every where closer together, while letting a little girl know that she is not alone.  The force will be with you Katie...always.

What say you?

POPped in Jabba's palace
Jungle Jesse

You can follow Natalie on Twitter (@PrincessNatkins) or on her Facebook fan page.

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