Thursday, December 9, 2010

Episode I - The Force is With You Katie

A few weeks back the phrase "The force is with Katie" was all over social media streams.  (That would be Facebook and Twitter, and one or two on MySpace.)  Who was Katie?  Why was the Force with her?  It turns out that Katie is a 9 year old girl from Illinois.  What makes her stand out?  Well, Katie had a Star Wars water bottle she used to take to school.  The problem was that she was getting teased for being a girl and liking Star Wars.  When her mother found out about it, she decided to write about it on her blog.  (Her mother writes a blog called 'Portraits of an Adoption'.)  

Once the fanboys, and girls, read about this they immediately began sending their support.  What started with just comments of support on the blog, turned into people from Lucasfilm sending gifts, cast members of the Star Wars animated series 'The Clone Wars' telling her they appreciated her, and other high profile female geeks saying she was not alone.  A little girl and her mom found out that there were more just like her all around the world.  

Female fans have been around for a long time.  What was once really only known to other fans has gained notice with via the interwebs.  Girls love Star Wars.  And not only Star Wars, but girls love everything that many people think are just for boys.  Comic books, science fiction, video games...they love it all.  

But even though it was about her being teased for being a girl and liking Star Wars, guys also felt her pain.  I myself can remember LOTS of teasing growing up for liking certain things.  But the things that we loved, the obsessions we had, are now the main stream.  The meek may not have inherited the earth yet, but we control your entertainment.  So with little Katie, we are all standing by your side tomorrow to tell the world that we love Star Wars.  

Every fanboy, geek, nerd, and outcast (boy or girl) is ready to show a sign of solidarity with Katie tomorrow.  On Friday, December 10th, everyone is being asked to wear something Star Wars related.  Put it on Facebook, post on Twitter (with the hash #theforceiswithyoukatie).  We will then post some of our favorites here tomorrow in Episode II.  Take the jump to join the Facebook event.

What say you?  Will you stand by little Katie's side with your fellow fangirls, and boys?

POPped with the Force
Jungle Jesse


  1. Very well said Jungle Jesse! I love Star Wars, Video Games, Comic Books and Disney Princesses and I am proud of it. You better believe I will wear my light saber chopsticks in my hair tomorrow, as well as my Princess Leia Shirt!

  2. You are a wonderful, wonderful fangirl. Thanks for joining me for a late night POPcast session.