Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dancing Stormtrooper makes CNN's Wackiest Scenes of 2010

A huge cheer went out at the POPped Office today.  CNN informed us that our Dancing Stormtrooper made their 'Wackiest Scenes of The Year'!  And they are "The Most Trusted Name in News" so you can take their word for it. Take the jump to the 1:15 mark in the video below:

Here is the original video:

A HUGE thanks to CNN for spotting the video on our YouTube channel.  And another big thanks to all of you who have been watching the video and passing it around to your friends.  Be sure to visit our YouTube channel and see all of our coverage from 2010.  From Dancing Stormtroopers to William Shatner flying in on a helicopter, POParitaville has had an exciting year.  

Here's to a wacky 2011!  Drinks are on the house!

POPped by
Jungle Jesse


  1. Have you seen this Jesse???

  2. Yeah, that was awful. I've never been a fan of over the top Disney hosts.

  3. It seemed like they were trying to do their version of the Bill & Ted Halloween finale.