Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CORRECTED: Penn Jillette has run in with TSA

CORRECTION: A keen eye from reader M.R. pointed out that Penn's story is dated a while back.  We are keeping the story up because it is still relevant with what is happening today, and it shows that procedures for the TSA are still the same.  Again, this is not a political blog so we will keep all personal feelings aside in this.

I apologize for rushing to get this story up and not checking my dates.  For the record, I was not drunk at the time of writing.  But I am now.  But I do have some breaking news, apparently many studios are now considering releasing movies in 3D.  I'll let you know as soon as I find out more.

Original Post:

This is a story that has grown louder and louder by the minute. (Sorry Chilean mine dudes, it's time to move over.)  That is what is happening with the security screenings at airports by the TSA. 

I have been circling on how to approach this on our site with out it becoming a large political rant, because that is not who we are.  I've looked at it from the tech angle with how the 3D screeners work and whether they turn us into Navi` or when there will be an app for it.  I then took a look at it from the frisking stand point to see if it was like getting frisked in adult movies.  For it to be scientific I needed a lot of volunteers, but everyone said they were busy.  Just like current SNL sketches, they started off promising but turned in to a whole lot of nothing.

Then I was sent a link today that was perfect. What made it perfect was that it was a story of what happened to a celebrity.  AND they already wrote it themselves.  Sweet!  Penn Jillette, of Penn & Teller, had an encounter with the TSA *a while back and here is an excerpt of his ordeal:

Last Thursday I was flying to LA on the Midnight flight. I went through security my usual sour stuff. I beeped, of course, and was shuttled to the "toss-em" line. A security guy came over. I assumed the position. I had a button up shirt on that was untucked. He reached around while he was behind me and grabbed around my front pocket. I guess he was going for my flashlight, but the area could have loosely been called "crotch." I said, "You have to ask me before you touch me or it's assault."
He said, "Once you cross that line, I can do whatever I want."
I said that wasn't true. I say that I have the option of saying no and not flying. He said, "Are you going to let me search you, or do I just throw you out?"
I said, "Finish up, and then call the police please."

For the full story, take the jump over to Pennifile page at  Trust me, you want to read the full story.

What say you?  Is technology the answer?  Is the human touch required? Should we start walking everywhere, or are naked flights the logical solution?

*edited from previous version

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