Wednesday, November 17, 2010

National UnFriend Day

"Sitting in traffic blows!"
"OMG! Jersey Shore rocks!!  Totally GTL!!"
"Chatty Smith just earned a Sucking My Life Away sticker on GetGlue"
"Smith Smithertin just checked in at Nobody Cares"
"Pasty White became the Mayor of That Place You Avoid on Four Square"

While exaggerated, how many of these do we see a day on Facebook while cursing under our breath?  And how many of them are from people who aren't really your friends but are on your friends list?  How often have you sighed when you look at how many updates are from one person while you're actually trying to find a post linking to that one movie trailer from that cool website that does also post often, but not too often so it's okay this time.  Well, Jimmy Kimmel felt your pain and has thus named today, November 17th, National UnFriend Day.

National UnFriend Day is a day where you can go through your friends list and start purging, and feel good about it.  That's right, kind of a Fall cleaning.  Don't feel bad about doing it, because as you read this someone is probably doing it to you too.  As Jimmy said, "It's un for all, and all for un."  And to keep with the celebration, there is a holiday song to go along with it.

So if you're looking at your friends list today and see your number a little, or a lot, lower.  You have just been un'd.  To help you get over this, how about a little South Park to explain the Facebook frustration?

South Park: You Have 0 Friends

POPping some un's
Jungle Jesse

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