Monday, November 8, 2010

Kanye West hijacks a plane.....'s PA system

Recently on a flight to New York, Kanye West decided that everyone needed some entertainment...from him.  So he grabbed the PA system and this is what people heard while they were trying to enjoy their peanuts or pretzels.  

While some of you may be saying, "That's so cool," please remember that this did not sound good.  There poor people were trying to rest, or shopping for a neck cooler in the Skymall catalog when all of a sudden someone interrupts the silence.  "Are we being hijacked?!"  Yes Betty Sue, you are.  At least your ears are.  But at least you'll now have a story to share with everyone, and a crappy phone video that will make you a couple of bucks too.  But at least you can now afford that neck cooler!  

Sure, I enjoy some of Kanye's songs on his albums.  But I like them where they are supposed to be.  You know, over produced and mixed.  Trying to do an acapella version of a rap song just makes it kinda comical. Or maybe I'm overreacting here.  Perhaps the in flight movie was The Wedding Singer and KW hoped to have a moment like this:

What say you?

POPped without a parachute
Jungle Jesse

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