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If you are one of the ones attending preview performances of Spider-Man:TOTD beginning this weekend, you may be in for a surprise.  You may actually be attending technical rehearsals for the show.  Director Julie Taymor has told the New York Times that there may be a, 
..need to stop now and then mid-performance to make technical fixes.
Hmmm... that's uhhh... odd?  Can you imagine paying to see a Broadway show, and then mid-number everything stops and you hear the director tell everyone to go back to one while giving notes, AND then the number starts over.  While some theater nerds may love the behind the scenes of it, I can only imagine how many people will immediately be pulling our their phones and uploading video to YouTube.  (Not that we'll be keeping an eye out for this.)  But, since this show is waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind schedule, and presumably way over budget, they need to hit their world premiere date of January 11, 2011.  The only way to do this is to just go on with the dates they've set and do what they can.  If they were to push the opening date again, it could be curtains for the web slinger.   

The first television spots for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark haven't hit the air yet, but you don't have to wait for that:

There are two different spots that will be airing.  However they are identical, just different music is used.  BUT, this does show a little more about what Julie Taymor is attempting with the technical aspects of the show.  The scene transitions are very quick as we see set pieces flip out from underneath the stage.  Almost like flipping a comic book page, perhaps?  Something else that hasn't been seen yet in any other teasers is the use of a giant video screen in which The Green Goblin is seen.    

There also appears to be a scene with Spider-Man being carried by Goblin's sled as they fly out over the audience.  For something like this you are looking at some quick scene changes, and probably a lot of illusion distractions.  One also has to wonder whether there is actually going to be more than one Spider-Man used during each performance.  It indeed appears that Miss Taymor has her hands full.  Let's see what happens once previews begin tomorrow.  

If you want even more than the teasers, this Sunday night 60 Minutes on CBS will have a behind the scenes piece.  This shows a few more unseen moments including Spidey jumping up to grab Goblin's sled, and a tease of a different song.  Here's a preview:

Sorry, that's all we get until Sunday night.  The stilll looks very daring.  I just hope the content is as good as the eye candy is appearing.  What say you?

Okay, so I know that everyone has said that I may have criticized Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark too quickly.  While I still don't know about the Green Goblin look in my post last week, I did say that if I had hope of anyone pulling it off it's the team behind it.  Then our newest POP Patrol member, Laura, sent me this video.

I have to say, this does show that there is some promise there.  I am still holding out hope that they pull this off.

What say you?  Does this video change your mind on anything?  Is your mind made up, or are you one of the people say, "They're making a Spider-Man musical?"

For more information on the show, please visit Spider-Man on Broadway.

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