Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cookie Monster really wants to host SNL

A Facebook campaign got Betty White a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, and now another television vet wants in.  Cookie Monster, yes Cookie Monster, has started a Facebook campaign to host.  (No, really.  Here it is.)  And to go along with his campaign, he has already put together an audition tape.

Because I know you're still asking, yes it's real.  And in four minutes he was already funnier than most of a regular SNL episode.  So let's do this!  Let's get him a hosting spot on SNL.  If you're wondering whether or not the actual Muppeter's can pull this off, then you have no idea the talent behind them.  This people are some of the best impov players around and can hold their ground.  But stop wasting time with silly questions, go to his Facebook page and get the word out that Cookie Monster needs to host an episode of SNL.  

What say you?  Will "Family" groups be outraged that a children's character wants to host SNL?  Do you want him to host?  Do you even remember what SNL is?

POPped with a cookie
Jungle Jesse

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  1. I love this so much I just spent 20 minutes composing the exact same post. Yay for delete button!

    Let's not forget that the Muppets are no strangers to SNL; they made appearances starting back in the first season in 1975.

    Now, in addition to the Facebook campaign, perhaps a more grass-roots effort is in order? Something along the lines of massive batches of cookies (chocolate chip, of course) sent to Lorne Michaels' attention at 30 Rock?