Monday, November 22, 2010

Comic-Con site crashes...again

We have been updating you over the past couple of weeks with news leading up to registration for Comic-Con and trying to get you excited about it.  After the site crashed a couple of weeks ago, when tickets were originally supposed to go on sale, they apologized and said all the kinks would be worked out.  Then then gave us Monday, November 22nd at 6AM PST. crashed again.

The site did stay open until around 8:30AM.  During that time some people were able to purchase tickets.  Including one of our Twitter followers who told us that they were able to get four people registered.  As expected from something like this, nerds and fanboys everywhere have taken to the interwebs to express the epic fail that has been Comic-Con registration.  

@King_the100t: "500 - Internal server error" The Official T-Shirt of Comic-Con 2011
@Tashizm: That's twice you've led us to believe we could register now.  My guess? The cake is a lie.

As of the writing of this Comic-Con International has not announced a new date for sales of passes, and and no solution yet from Epic (who is in charge of SDCC pass sales).  CCI had this to say about the problems:

Once more, unfortunately, there have been issues with Comic-Con registration. So we have again decided to close it down. 
We are well aware that many people have taken time from work, school or other activities and others woke up very early. There really is no way to convey our level of regret for this turn of events. 
We are currently researching our registration options.

Soooo....that happened.  But what now?  Perhaps they should turn to the very people that attend SDCC to build a better site that can handle the traffic.  Sure the site would also have a female superhero with big boobs, but what's the real down size here?

What say you?  Did you get passes?  Is this a sign for the craziness we can expect in San Diego next summer?

POPped with an error message
Jungle Jesse

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