Friday, October 29, 2010

Sorry fellow geeks, but DirecTV is dropping G4TV

While watching Attack of the Show on G4 today, host Kevin Pereira popped up before a commercial break to inform viewers that as of this coming Monday, November 1, DirecTV will be dropping G4TV from it's lineup.  Kevin said that G4 had made no new demands on the satellite company and were looking for the same deal they always had.  However even with that, DirecTV has decide to drop the channel.  

For those that are not regular viewers, G4 is a niche channel that caters to the pop culture/nerd crowd.  Attack of the Show is their signature show and covers all areas of pop culture.  Their audience is so large that AOTS is the only show that is allowed to broadcast live from Comic-Con, E3 and CES.  

DirecTV has now issued a long statement explaining their version of the situation:

We are continuing to talk to Comcast, but in the event we are unable to reach an agreement to continue carrying the G4 channel it will be removed from the DIRECTV channel lineup on Nov. 1 at 6 am ET.
Man, do they ever shut up.  Sheeeesh.

Myself, I am not a DirecTV subscriber so I'm good.  But for those that are, you may not even be aware that this was happening.  So G4 has opened a phone line for you to voice your opinion and hopefully keep G4 on your system.  1-888-9-WeAreG4  If you are a DirecTV subscriber and you want to keep G4TV on your system call that number and let them know.  If you are on Twitter, be sure to let your friends know what is happening, give them the number to call and use the hash #WeAreG4.  Let's see if we can get this to trend and save the network from leaving your system.

What say you?  Do you watch G4 on DirecTV?  Did you even know this was happening?

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  1. I watch G4 on DirecTV and had no idea until I saw several AOTS hosts tweeting about it. I record AOTS when whether I'm able to watch it that day or not, and I happened to miss the announcement live on the show. I am extremely disappointed and hope DirecTV will keep G4 in its lineup.

  2. Join the Facebook group Save G4TV from being dropped by Direct TV.

  3. I was watching the show last night and my mouth dropped during Kevin's message. Although I find G4 to be very different from a few years ago, I still cherish it. At least there's more value in it than that Jersey Shore crap (in my opinion). Perhaps this is what G4 needed to change back into its original tech-geek ways, not COPS and Cheaters (good shows, but don't belong on G4). I love G4, and I'll be pissed if DirecTV removes it from their channel list.

  4. Seems like a 2-way street to me, G4 has to pay if they want to play. I have DTV, but I can watch AOTS online

  5. DirectTv is getting Rid of G4 this monday Nov 1st. Call, 1-888-9-WE-ARE-G4 To speek ur mind and get G4 BACK! -- LET US FIGHT TO GET IT BACK!

  6. I hate the fact that DIRECTV has removed the G4 channel because it has inconveinced many customers. Is DIRECTV saying that the customers who do like DIRECTV doesn't have a say so in the channel that they keep? I am a long time subscriber of DISH Network as well as employee and I know that DISH Network is only looking out for the best interest of the customer. There is a reason DIRECTV has received an "F" by the Better Business Bureau. I highly recommend that people check out DISH because you get the best value while saving the most money!