Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Site updates

Hello readers.  As you can see, we have made a few additions to the site.  We now have some pages that we've tossed into the mix.  Along with the usual backstory stuff and a page about how to contact us, we've added a few more things.

POPped Videos - On this page we'll be putting up the latest videos that are making the rounds.  Keep visiting because the videos will rotate on a daily basis.  We've kicked it off with some of our biggest hits so far.

The POPcast - This is a page dedicated to The POPcast Podcast.  We are currently working on broadcasting it live as we record.  During the recording you will be able to participate as well via chat and will announce when to call in to really become a part of the fun.  Not only that, but it will also be on this page where we will place streaming video from us as well.  Our experiments of bringing you press feeds from certain events this year has been great, and now it's time to make you a part of it as well.  So we will have a dedicated stream on this page that could go live any minute.  Sure we'll announce when we know where going to be streaming from somewhere, but there may be times when we are somewhere so cool we cant help but go live via mobile video.  This is a new feature I'm incredibly excited about getting just right and having you participate in.

We'll be doing a couple of test shows to see how it goes and will announce those times soon.  In the meantime you can stream the latest POPcast on this page as well.

POPped Headlines - We aren't able to cover everything all day, so we'll be updating this page with headlines from all over POP culture that we think you should check out.  This will be the same as our Twitter feed, but without much of the snark....or will it?

POPped Goodies - Because we have stuff we want you to buy too.  Take a jump here to see just some of the items for sale in the POP Store.

Yes, many changes and additions will continue to happen to POParitaville.  We hope that you like what we've done so far.

What say you?

POPped very late
Jungle Jesse

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