Monday, October 11, 2010

The Simpsons airs controversial Banksy opening

Last night regular viewers of The Simpsons got a bit of a shock during the opening segment.  Controversial graffiti artist Banksy directed the storyboards for this one and he did not hold back.  Most viewers are used to a very silly opening where something happens to the Simpsons as they try to get to their couch to watch television. This time viewers got a glimpse (albeit exaggerated) look into who really creates The Simpsons episodes they've loved for over 20 years.

Here is the full episode, but it is only the opening segment we're talking about today.

I am uhh-maaaazed that they were able to get this opening on.  Simpsons producers had to have run in to some resistence from the network with this opening.  In a sense it's almost like they are telling people, "Don't watch us," and to question them and the network.  But it is indeed a great segment that I think made viewers wonder what they were watching and continue to think about it for the rest of the evening.  The question now is what will the producers of the show say to those that think it was too heavy for an animated show?  Me personally, I say that you're watching The Simpsons.  They've never shied away from controversy or violence.  If anything maybe it made you wonder exactly what the conditions are like overseas where most, if not all, of FOX's shows and merchandise are made.

What say you?  What did you think of the opening segment?

For those of you that don't know who Banksy is, take a jump over to Jeffrogee's review of Exit Through a Gift Shop from Sundance this year.

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  1. I havent watched a Simpsons episode in years...frankly I'm amazed they're still around as fickle as most corporate reps are. But...either way, it was a bit shocking to see the opener...the Simpsons have always tried to be trend setters so...who's next to capitalize on the shock factor? I foresee a Free Tibet bit coming from Family Guy maybe?

  2. FOX (and all studios) isn't fickle when it comes to something that makes them tons of cash, and The Simpsons still does that.

  3. That was amazing that it passed all the screeners. I can't believe Fox allowed it, but it really makes a strong statement!

  4. Exactly Horizons. And great art makes people discuss it, so it did it's job.

  5. I busted up laughing at the panda and unicorn parts. super funny!