Friday, October 1, 2010

The POPcast Podcast: Episode 008

In this episode The POP Patrol talks about the comedy of Greg Giraldo, why roasting friends is a good thing, September 11th jokes, Star Wars in 3D, movies that scared us at Comic-Con, Oscar nominations, Roger Ebert and Stephen Hawking, and what Jungle Jesse would like said at his funeral.  

For this episode we asked our readers via Twitter and Facebook what they thought of the Star Wars films going 3D.  Take a listen to see if we read your message or included your voicemail at the end of the podcast.  If you want to take the POPcast with you (and who doesn't) just click on the iTunes icon on the right for the POPcast.  

(*This was recorded on 9.29.10. On the morning of 9.30.10 we learned that the great Tony Curtis passed away. There are some audio tributes at the beginning and end of the POPcast to Tony and Greg.)  

POPped by 
Jungle Jesse

Having some problems with embedding the podcast to stream here.  If you wish to stream it rather than download, take the jump to our podcast page here.

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