Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rumor Alert: "Great Scott!" A 'Back to the Future' remake with Justin Bieber?

I am really hoping that this stays in the "Awful Rumor" file.  Over the weekend some tabloids and web sites have been reporting that there is a Back to the Future remake in the works (long been rumored) and they are claiming that JB is in the lead for Marty McFly.


While some are claiming this to be de-bunked, you need to know that just because something is not listed on IMDB does not mean it's not in the works.  Earlier this year stories began coming out that a re-make was being discussed with Zac Efron as Marty.  I have tried confirming a remake with people at Universal and no one has tried contacting me back.  And when people in Hollywood don't want to talk, that usually means all signs are pointing to 'probably'.

I wear white pants.  A lot.

So where does that leave us?  That leaves us wondering if this is true and praying that it's not.  "But Justin is sooooo cute!"  Hey, I like lesbians just like the next person, but that doesn't mean that I want them to be in a movie re-make of a film that does not need to be re-made.  (What?  It's a guy?  Ha ha!  Right.  Really?  Hmmm...interesting.)  Film students could, and should, study Back to the Future as a perfect movie.  Making a perfect movie is rare, and trying to capture it again is just a dumb idea.  (I'm looking at you shot for shot re-"imagining" of Psycho.)

While every studio is looking to do a movie that already has a built in audience (Transformers, Twilight, The Chipmunks, Monopoly) that doesn't mean that they should.  The original Back to the Future was made because the built in audience was people that were looking to go to the movies.  Sadly with The Karate Kid re-do making some money, Hollywood is ready to start cannibalizing precious properties.  I mean we're already seeing a Spider-Man re-boot.  You know, since the original was released way back in 2002.  Were people even alive then?  

In no way am I telling you to make sure this re-make is never made by contacting Ron Meyer, President of Universal Studios at, or at 100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg 1280, Universal City, CA 91608 to let him know that you love the original Back to the Future and to re-make it would be idiotic.    Nope.  Not at all.  Nor am I telling you to let him know that you will be sure to boycott all Universal properties including movies, theme parks and television shows.  Nope.  What I am saying is that if they do indeed try to re-make Back to the Future it will be a failure of epic proportions.  And if they cast Justin Bieber to be in it, well that just gives me more reasons to not like him besides his horrible music.  (His music is awful.  You know that, right?  I mean like torture awful.  Seriously.  I heard that after Obama banned water boarding he tried to implement Bieber Boarding, but Dick Cheney said it was cruel and unusual.)  But that's a topic for another day.

POPped to the future 
Jungle Jesse

PS - It is also being rumored that he will star in a re-make of Grease as Danny; And we are now starting the rumor that he has signed on to a re-make of Mr. Wrong in Ellen DeGeneres' role.  Now that makes more sense.



  2. justin is the best and ur a jerk and i hope you die

  3. you're just jealous. you'll never be as big as justin bieber and you're just jealous. i hope he makes this movie because it will make it so much better and make him a millionaire.

  4. OMG would luv 2 see him in Grease rather than watch that one from the sixties

  5. Grease from the 60's? I'm sorry, Anonymous Beiber Fan who keeps commenting, but you might want to look at the internet for more than Twitter and JB news- because it'd inform you that Grease came out in 1978.

    That said- no matter who they were trying to suggest for a role in a remake of Back to the Future, I'd be against it. It's a great movie. Remaking BTTF would be like remaking Indiana Jones just because you think that X actor is hot.

    Once upon a times, the only thing that were remade were versions of classic novels- and usually only then because it wasn't filmed yet in glorious color. And occasionally a movie was adapted into a musical.

    (Shall we place bets on how ancient the Bieber fans think I am? LOL)

  6. Wow, these comments are as bad as a Justin Bieber remake of Back to the Future.

  7. Just because you don't put your name doesn't mean it's the same person "Whitney". What harm is it if they put this kid in another version of the movie. I think he's pretty hot and I like his music. I'd rather see that then another stupid superhero movie.

  8. JungleJesse- Have you found out whether or not this is true? I am so hoping that it is false. BTW... you seem to have started something on here almost as bad as the backlash from Twilight! :)