Thursday, September 9, 2010

FIRST LOOK - Captain America: The First Avenger

Well gang, POParitaville has been a little quiet over the past couple of weeks and you can blame me for that.  The POP Patrol was busy at my wedding.  From being the officiant, being in my party, videotaping and just being there to have was a POPcentric affair.  But now it's time to start bringing all of you the news that you want to read and are we have a good one.

Courtesy of the UK's Daily Mail we bring you the first (un-official) look at Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger.  The teaser poster above was revealed at Comic-Con this year but this is the first look at the costume on set.  CA:TFA is currently filming in London and someone got close enough to get some of the first shots of Captain America in action...sort of.  These pictures are not of Chris Evans wielding the shield, but his stunt double.  It appears to be some sort of a motorcycle chase taking place.  As to who is chasing who is not very clear here.  What is clear is that the others (seen to the left) are a part of Red Skull's (being played by Hugo Weaving) squad.  Enough of that... what does Captain America look like?!  Take a look before we're asked to pull them down....


Some of you may be wondering what's up with the style.  With it being the first installment of the Captain's story, we need his origin.  Rather than trying to update it and make it take place today they are going back to his origin in the comic book.  (SPOILER ALERT for those of you that have never read the comics)  Steve Rogers becomes Captain America by volunteering to take the Super Soldier Serum, in the movie created by Howard Stark (dad to Iron Man's Tony Stark).  All of this to help the US defeat the Nazi's in WWII.  And Red Skull is the Nazi in charge of their terrorist activities and all around not good dude.  So it's up to Captain America to bring the Nazi's and Red Skull down.  I believe that this could be setting up the villain for The Avengers movie to be Hydra.  (That's a whole other story, but take the jump to and learn about them.)  In the mean time here are some more set pictures courtesy of The Daily Mail:

Is that a shield in your pocket...


Vroom Vroom!

I say old chap, have you seen any Nazi's?

What say you?  What do you think of the look?  Are you excited for Captain America or are you on comic book overload?  Let us know by posting a comment.  Don't forget to use the share buttons and spread this on the Twitter and the Facebook and the MySpace (, really.)

Captain America: The First Avenger is scheduled to open July 2011

POPped with a shield 
Jungle Jesse

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  1. I'm excited! First I was thrilled that they were sticking with his origin (since the whole Super Soldier for the Allies is too great to change), and I love the fact that his costume really feels like it is from the period. No leather, except for his boots and gloves! Granted it's a stunt double costume- but I do like the look a lot more than in the Photoshop mockup that surfaced during the summer.